About Me

Not really sure where to start with this so I’ll dive right in!

This year, I turned 30. That was frightening enough, but a couple of years ago I lost my job – one that I was actually very good at, in spite of being miserable the whole time – due to an illness known as ‘M.E’, or ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’. Since then, I’ve fallen into some pretty bad habits. I do very little all day, then bitch and whine about how little I’ve achieved. I eat rubbish all day, then complain that my M.E gets no better and that I’m getting fat again. I refuse invitations to go out to do things and then feel irritable and bored from being stuck in the house.

Basically put, I’m a miserable cow and it’s got to stop.

That’s what this blog is about. For at least the next year, I plan to try to do things right. Instead of allowing my fear of failure to drive me into a corner, I’m going to write and actually TRY to become a published writer. I’m going to go out and explore things. I’m going to meet people and do things and generally LIVE. And I’m going to document it all here as I go.

Vitally, I want feedback from other people. If there’s a challenge (one I can actually do…climbing Mount Kilimanjaro might be on most people’s bucket-list, but with M.E and no income right now, it’s not on any list of mine!), that you would like to see me do, tell me and I’ll see whether I can do it. It’s going to be a very wobbly path, so stick with me and we’ll see what happens!