Okay, I’m sending this from the London Allergy Show and I cannot possibly emphasise enough just how exciting it is to be here. It is around my seventh time here and it never gets old.

For those who have never heard of it, for three days every year HUGE numbers of free from companies get together under the same roof to introduce themselves and offer their products to those avoiding a variety of allergens, from gluten to egg. 

Right now, my view looks like this :

Because I’m taking a quick breather before going round the stalls again. It’s taken around two hours so far. I’ve bought a few things, caught up with a couple of old friends (including Vicki,the Free From Fairy) and had a delicious pizza from The Venice Bakery. 

The pizza didn’t quite make it into the photo. Like I said, it was delicious. 

I’ve also bought (drumroll please) two Danish pastries!!! One strawberry and one cherry. Excited doesn’t even cover it! I just hope they taste as good as they look.

Have a great Sunday! 


2 thoughts on “ALLERGY SHOW!!!! 

  1. I’ve never heard of such a thing! Perhaps it is because we have no allergies to contend with so I have never sought it out. But it’s fabulous for both those living with allergies and the businesses who provide yummy alternatives!


    1. Oh it really is. I found gluten free Danish pastries (bought 2), biscuits, cakes, gooood I’ve cream, pizza, bread…you name it, they had it. Eat your way around and you don’t need lunch! Absolutely worth the trip to London. Aaand…just 365 days till the next one! 😉


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